Cinedata mining



Recently we often hear talk of “data” and “data-driven” activity, i.e. guided by data, the importance of which is becoming increasingly evident in the context of marketing, advertising, programming and in many other fields. We sensed the potentiality of “data” much earlier, when we elaborated the Cinedata mining. Our idea is that each marketing-communication campaign, for any film, is determinant of the choices that the spectator will take in front of the film offer. “Data mining” is a process that combines the moment of data extraction with the critical and analytical work carried out on them and whose purpose is to ensure that it is possible to obtain useful information. Cinedata mining is a system that applies data mining to the cinematic industry, using a web platform. Through this platform we communicate with a sample of people from whom it will be possible to obtain the data necessary to the film industry through the instruments of audience tracking, positioning, pre-screenings, exit screen and Adv test.



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