Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

After analyzing your brand presence on both the Internet and social networks and identifying your aims, we develop a detailed strategy aimed at online better visibility and reputation. To achieve such specific aims you will just have to implement the planned strategy or otherwise we will do it for you.

Social Media Marketing

Our task is about managing and monitoring your business pages and personal profiles on social networks to guarantee you have a proper online presence and to help you interact with your fans. We also offer the best editorial strategy along with creating, publishing and planning posts, giving effective feedback to your fans in order to fulfill all their requests at same time as controlling critical situations and delivering in-depth report on your webpage trend.

Social Media Advertising Campaign

(Facebook Ads Campaign – Instagram Ads Campaign –Twitter Ads Campaign – Linkedin Ads Campaign – Youtube Campaign)

Once we have analyzed both the target market and your product/service, we create and manage advertising campaigns across the most popular social networks to allow your message reach your targeted audience so that you can grow your fan base, acquire online visibility, contacts or increase your product sales.

Direct Email Marketing

We create custom newsletters and DEMs with a number of different templates changing every single time a newsletter is sent accordingly to the single email recipient. This service includes graphics and content development on the basis of the analysis of your needs and objectives, text messages sent through our platform, and reporting.

Google Advertising Campaign

We plan and optimize Google Adwords Campaigns to publish sponsored ads on first position in doing so reducing the cost per click and conversion.

SEO – Search Engine Website Optimizing and Positioning

Today, Google is the great access to the Internet. First ranking on Google search engine web page is essential to all businesses. Our experience can help you rank first in Google online search and improve organic traffic on your website.

Web Copywriting

Need to produce new content for your website, your social network platform, your newsletters, your advertising campaigns? Our content experts will create engaging, persuasive texts which are suitable for all types of communication and optimized for search engine.

Graphic Design

We always say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not to make the most of the power of pictures? Our graphics will create for you imaginative, professional pictures you can use for your communication on your website, social networks and ads.

Website Construction

We build dynamic, responsive, mobile-friendly websites. We create and manage all types of content, including texts, pictures and videos.

E-Commerce Website Construction

Set up your online store and easily handle your products, warehouse, clients orders and much more. Our Managing panel allows you to load an unlimited number of products with data sheets, images, in a fast and easy way. Your online store will be also available on mobile devices.

Digital PR

After a deep analysis on the specific industry and the competitors’ websites, we design customized Digital PR identifying the best influencers for your products and services to be talked about on the Internet. Specifically, in the film industry we have an exclusive working partnership with BIZ up, while for native advertising we use “UPSTORY”, a steadily growing influencer community which, to this day, is made up of more than 3.000 publishers including premium websites, vertical blogs and social influencers which support promotion by addressing the right target and spreading creative contents about the films that are going to be promoted with a high level of engagement. The combination of UPSTORY technology, created by BIZ up, with the 25 old Morris Consulting’s experience in consulting, marketing and communication industry, creates a new way to promote films allowing to plan online presence strategically while monitoring the ROI in real time and also demonstrating the effectiveness and the increasingly consistent value of the contents and the native advertising in attracting the consumers and optimizing the power of the message due to shared, relevant contents that are consistent with the context in which they are available at the same time avoiding adblock control.

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