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Today we can number at least 10 different levels in communication: Twitter, Facebook status, Facebook msg, email, text msg, IM, letters, telephone, video chat, face-to-face dialogue.
We listed them in order of use.
It is clear, isn’t it?
It is clear the net is where we spend an important and increasing part of our time.
It is also clear that the actors of the net “play” two characters at once. The influencer and the influenced.
A transition of communication is going on that can build a fantastic imagery around a product, a model where the promoters (or destroyers) of the product are the customers themselves.

Has consumption become liquid or liquidated?

The e-commerce is a big concern for Italian enterprises still unable to understand its potential even more its importance.
Since our group is operating across UK and Italy, we deal with the two following figures: 120 billion euro e-commerce sales and trades in UK compared to 19 billion in Italy. And this is on equal population.
Ironically, Italy has, for this reason, a huge growth potential in e-commerce business, not only due to accumulated delay, retail stores unstoppable closing, poor variety in the supply outside the big cities, Italian people’s attitude to be careful with money.
E+m commerce is a digital environment interconnecting products, services, retailers, customers, advertising, logistics, transportation, payment services, service providers other than, of course, hardware providers.
Helping Italian enterprises to e-internationalize and m-internationalize as well as integrate both physical and digital retailers is what MC love to do.

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