Their vocation

We have shared our thinking on the assumption that technology is the driver of changing society and markets.
The whirlwind pace of ongoing innovation, that over the last twenty years has changed the past inventions exploiting them in the most unforeseen ways, is supported by the spread of information and its potential use.
As a matter of fact, the pervasive information technology created a new market, the information market.
At first, the need to access to information, then to consult information, then to select and extract information.
As far as all this is concerned, we will let system integrators, software manufacturers and search engines do their job.


Our vocation

MC vocation is evangelizing the preciousness of information, its ability – the internet making possible to share and access it – to create a collective, spread intelligence which improves every time it is consulted.

We share our thinking that it is possible to talk about informational capitalism.

MC believes that the “competitive advantage” (to use outdated words) of an enterprise, understood as the enterprise’s capability of being a dense part of a liquid market, lies in knowing how to create a neural network between itself and the collective intelligence, becoming a node, a server, an actor to it.

Through the creative process of online sharing information heritage, the organizations will be able to create decisional tools that will turn into actual means of production.

MC aims together with the Customer at developing dynamic relationships in the field of communication and information within the society and markets which can be either connected and connectable to products and services as well as incorporated to them.



Today we believe that information, education and communication are the coordinates we must decipher to identify the right place, time and way allowing us to stand in that shadow line between the tangible and intangible component of the market.


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