The radical modernity of Marketing



Doing business means building and selling. Selling needs buyers and consumption.

Words, millennia, places and manners change, but the paradigm is always the same.

Digitized world made all behaviours liquid, therefore consumption became liquid as well. However, it has not been liquidated yet.

MC believes, as many others do actually, that in the digital era, not just consumption is liquid, it is also languages, people’s way to be, self-representation, consumer’s story-telling and his wish to have new experiences.

We also wrote that the language of consumption is extraordinarily viral.

In such a scenario, we must imagine that everything is expired, the refrigerator has to be cleaned out then switched off because, in the year 25 after the internet, more than before marketing must understand, know, surprise, convey emotions, refuse all social conventions, make things go viral, interact, tell stories, love, give sense, be able to regain the value of the original, be not bourgeois, be replicable but useless when repeated and interpretive.

It must be capable of “radical modernity” in the way Francesco Morace mean it and as we share it in MC.

If you want to see us work at searching the radical modernity of marketing for your projects, products or services, here we are.

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