The open business is a Morris Consulting’s paradigm stating the correct understanding of contemporaneity and real-digital economy drive organizations and enterprises to share and mix all their assets with Markets, Customers, Partners, Competitors.

Economic changing process caused by globalization, financial crisis and new politics trend has driven us to constantly revise our traditional idea of innovation, research, development, organization, consulting.

This new scenario of a liquid economy where converging technologies have been driving everything and everyone, consuming and consensus, healthcare and finance, culture and tourism, everything and its opposite, has overturned all balances and rules.

An anesthetizing tradition used to regard innovation as one of the most important elements of competitive advantage on foreign countries and other organizations and companies. It helped on one hand to hold the barriers to the outside world by self-producing, through research and development domestic areas, proprietary innovation, creating at the same time an advantage on competitors which was based on research commercialization.

We must regard those barriers as walls protecting us from enemies armed with infantry and tanks.

Nothing is defensible.

Nothing is proprietary.

Nothing is impossible.

Nothing is closed.

 OPEN consulting open business-2

Everyday MC is born again to be an Open Consultant in an Open Business or in an Open World.

In the world we are from open consulting was called Management Consulting and Business Administration.

Today, in our vision consulting is the code and paradigm of collective intelligence for business building and restructuring. No wonder that “business” is the noun form of “busy”, and this is what we do.
As a result of coded skills, knowledge and expertise, such intelligence becomes therefore accessible to any economic, organizational and social structures.

Our mission, our core business (literally meaning the noun form of “busy”) is sharing knowledge, expertise, know-how, skills and vision – in short terms what our intellectual capital is made up of – with travel companions (Customers) to build and restructuring business realities and plans.



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