Start Up, Utopia & Smart Up



We believe that startup organizations are but a big utopian movement.

In the years of the “antisocial” information technology, people used to use words such as “cool”, “eyeballs” (to pay full attention to something or someone), “trendy”, or “burn-rate” (the sum of money a startup company employs to support itself); in today’s “social” technology era, the language has become a militant language – Empowering citizen media (giving more power to citizens’ media management), radically democratize (democratically manage), smash elitism (fight elitism), content redistribution, authentic community.

By the term Smart Up MC means the perpetual state organizations are in, whether they are yet to be started or they were born in the past millennium.

The only way for the organizations to make an idea profitable will be through one-time, not needing of scalability processes – since there is no time to scale or capitalize processes.

We no longer believe that it is the organization that makes business work, we rather think that ideas and people do instead.

Whatever the startup organization we will become contaminated with, our physical and digital structure is ready to host it into its incubator-accelerator where we will be sharing together the voyage from change to changing, from question to reality; since success never comes from an idea but it rather comes from a question.

MC supports entrepreneurs by providing them with resources, rock-star consultants, investors, strategic partners and especially a network of real customers who are seeking innovative solutions.

If you want to share dreams, projects, future… MC is there for you.



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