TBF is a digital ecosystem, integrated with Morris Consulting and Morris Investment, which has as its objective to incubate and accelerate innovative entrepreneurial initiatives of young entrepreneurs.

TBF assists and hosts the phases of design, start-up, acceleration of the projects and fund raising.

At Morris Consulting we use the term Smart Up to identify the perennial status of any organization, should it be just born or already active from the last millennium.

In a world that has changed due to globalisation, economic crisis and technological development, we believe that what runs a business, are especially people and ideas.

TBF is alongside entrepreneurs to provide them with resources, consultants, investors, strategic partners and, especially, a network of customers looking for innovative solutions.

Whatever the start-up with which we should blend, our physical and digital establishment can accept it in its incubator-accelerator, to share the journey together from change to changer, from application to reality; because a success is not only born from an idea, but also from a question..

If you have a dream, an innovative project to realize, we are here to help you do so.


Got an idea for a project or something you are already working on? Contact us!

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